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Dennis Windross Winter Top Dog


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Winter Taster

(The “Tom Jones Memorial” Top Dog Taster – 13th Oct 2019)


Thanks to all who entered  there were 37 entries which is a fantastic response , the main event the “ Top Dog “ starts next weekend welcome & I hope you all enjoy!!

Prizes ;-

Winners – Tom Jones Trophy

J Maquire  &  P Weighhell 48pts

Runners up 

A Fitzhugh  & D Buggey  - 45pts  

3rd Place

D O’Hare  & S Williamson  44pts  3rd b9 24pts

Prize money will be behind the bar – Trophy will be presented at the “ Top Dog” Presentation.

 All Results

M Hill  &  S Davis   

S Dewar  &  G Hornby   44pts

M Robinson  &  C Hodds   44 pts

B Collett  &  G Sowerby  39 pts

R Paul  &  A Bell   38 pts

I Hutchinson  &  J McGivern  44 pts

M Thomas  &  A Parsons  44 pts

B Clements  &  S Byrne   41pts

R Broughton  & T Harland  36pts

G Butler  & D McKernon  41 pts

R Harland  &  D Blake  42 pts

T Wyke  & T Hey

D McCabe  & R Savoroti

M Bulmer  & A  Donaldson

I Read  &  H Meredith  35 pts

D Watson  &  L Finegan  37pts

M Cartwright  &  A Lane   44pts

P Cartwright  &  D McGoohan  39pts

N Russell  & c Atkinson  44pts

A Robinson  & P  Robinson  42pts 

D Armstrong  & M Sharratt  41 pts

D O’Hare  & S Williamson  44pts  3rd b9 24pts

C Davies  &  J  Close  38 pts

A Simms  &  P Puckrin  19pts

P Werrett  & N Tucker

N Mc Gurry  &  M Sleight  44pts 

D Farrow  & C Farrow  42 pts

P Greenwood  & P Greenwood  36pts

B Bolton  & P Rist  37pts

K Ball  & G Fereday  42 pts

A Ralston  & T Pearson  41 pts

J Maquire  &  P Weighhell 48pts    1st

A Fitzhugh  & D Buggey  - 45pts   2nd

P Tempke  & D Semple  40pts

S Millington  & P Stephenson  43pts

S Dean  & D Green  42 pts

S Loughran  N Coupland